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hp laptops

Dell and Helwett-Packard are two of the best and most famous computer producers throughout the entire world. But if we compare the two companies, or better yet, the company’s products, which is the best? Let’s see who the winner is in this Dell versus HP laptop fight.

It’s very difficult to compare the whole company to another because one may be really good at assembling systems but have lousy customer service and the other one may have laptops with original display and still have trouble shipping the products in due time. We are going to see a comparison between Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop and the HP Pavilion dv6500t and let you decided which the best is. As far as design goes, the dv6500t has a glossy black lid with a very nice imprint finish which makes it look very elegant. Inspiron 1520 gives you the possibility to choose the lid color but other than that, it looks quite boring. The HP Pavilion dv6500t is thinner than the Inspiron 1520. The 9-cell battery of the Inspiron also makes it heavier compared to its opponent.
n terms of ports and features, things are quite similar except for the fact that the Inspiron 1520 has four USB ports while the Pavilion dv6500t has only three. As for the keyboard, the Inspiron wins. Its keys are solid with no flex, unlike the Pavilion’s keys which are not that firm and you won’t feel comfortable if you push them harder. The touchpad in the dv6500t is bigger and that makes it easier to use and it also has an on/off switch. One good thing about HP Pavilion models is that they come with a finger print reader is which located right between the two touchpad buttons but this is more of a “business” feature since us regular users do not have much need of fingerprint authentication on secure websites.


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