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Money for all

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My Christmas Music

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Entertainment for all

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Hi people,
Want to know anything about one of the greatest players of the world.Here it is.Check out Sachin’s new shell house.Can anyone think of a dream house like this?its hardly impossible………

The Sachin Tendulkars New House(Shell house at Bandra)Mumbai

Architect: Javier Senosiain

Location: Bandra- Mumbai-India


Light, colour and shape

Interior garden

Fluidity of space



A poetry of space

The TV Room





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Beena Rai stills

The last of the eye candy posts, and (in my opinion), the toughest. Hindi cinema—and this is irrespective of era—seems to be replete with beautiful women. Offhand, I can’t think of a single leading lady whom I’d put in the `plain’ category. So, selecting the ten women from the 50’s and 60’s whom I think are the ultimate when it comes to sheer pulchritude was a very, very difficult task. But it’s finally done, and after having changed, rearranged and turned around my list God knows how many times, I’m finally done.

om shanti songs download

Om Shanthi Movie Details :

Movie Name : Om Shanthi

Movie Year : 2009

Cast : Navadeep,Kajal,Nikhil,Bindu Madhavi,Aditi Sharma

Music : Ilayaraja

Director : Prakash

Om Shanti Audio Details | Om Shanthi Mp3 Songs |

01.Chinna Polike – Kunal Ganjawala,Sunidhi Chauhan

02.Flying On The Moon – Priya

03.Chinna Polike (Sad) – Male – Kunal Ganjawala

04.Ottesi Chebutha – Karthik

05.Chinna Polike (Sad) – Female -Sunidhi Chauhan

06.Om Shanthi – Toshi

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Tiger woods mistress

Tiger Woods and wife Elin

Rachel Uchitel

A woman who loves to be the part of news, Rachel Uchitel alleged mistress of Tiger Woods. Not so long ago she was was identified as the mistress of the actor David Boreanaz. She believes to have affairs with married men, perhaps she wants to entangled them. She said,

“David would walk in the door, and they’d have sex right away…He told her, ‘Every time I have sex with you is like the first time.”

On August 31, 2009, David’s wife Jamie Bergman gave birth to a baby named Bardot Vita Boreanaz. When she was pregnant, Rachel had an affair with David which was the sad aspect of the alleged affair. In the spring of 2009 David and Rachel met each other and had an affair, according to reports.

According to reports both Tiger and Rachel sharing text messages in month of June so it might be the case  she was tackling both David and Tiger at the same time.

While her alleged affair with Tiger claims a rift in relation of Elin and Tiger. Rachel said,

“Despite it being completely untrue, it still must have certainly caused some problems at home — if I was his wife, I probably would have killed him,”