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Hi people,
Want to know anything about one of the greatest players of the world.Here it is.Check out Sachin’s new shell house.Can anyone think of a dream house like this?its hardly impossible………

The Sachin Tendulkars New House(Shell house at Bandra)Mumbai

Architect: Javier Senosiain

Location: Bandra- Mumbai-India


Light, colour and shape

Interior garden

Fluidity of space



A poetry of space

The TV Room





Dont forget to send ur comments…….


Me and You


You and Me Freinds,…

You smile ,i smile…

You Hurt,i hurt..

You cry,i cry..

You jump off Bridge

I gonna Miss your e-mails.

Once Again


Hellooo… Friends i was Really Busy with My work.Now only i got time for my Blogging world.Hey Hereafter i dont want to waste my time,i hope you all are having a fabulous time always.So from now i want to share all my experiences that i had these days.

My Birthday Gift to my Friend

Friends i have finally decided to buy a CAMERA.And i am also going to give her a DINNER.I think the suggestion by you people only helped me to choose this gift.I HOPE SHE WILL BE SURPRISED TO SEE THIS.Ok friends its time to shock her .Afterwards i will tell you what happened?.OK.bYEEEEEEEEEEE

Help Needed Friends

Hello people ,How are you?.Guys two days are more for my friends birthday .I really don’t know what to give her on that particular day.You see friends i have given lots of things like watch ,accessories,ipod etc.So this time i want to give her a shock by giving an unexpected one.She is one of my BEST FRIEND so I don’t mind about the money.So you guys give me your advices,suggestion anything for buying a nice GIFT for her.SO JUST SPLASH YOUR COMMENTS FOR ME FRIENDS…love you…BYE AND BE HURRY….